What Happens if there is a fire?

1. The sprinkler system will activate in the area the fire is located

2. Smoke detectors will activate in the fire area

3. Sprinkler and/or smoke detector activation will trigger the fire alarms in the building

4. This will send a message to the monitoring company that the alarm has been activated and they will advise the local fire station

The automated fire alarm system will advise evacuation on the floor that the fire is detected. This system will give an alarm to each floor of the building, but you may hear a message telling you “Prepare for an announcement” or similar. The fire system will systematically radiate the evacuation announcement to the floors above and below the fire area.

The purpose of not evacuating the entire building at the same time is so that the fire escape stairways are not congested. This allows the fire fighters access to the fire seat without too much interference from residents leaving the building.

1. Lifts 2 and 3 will immediately travel to level two and remain there and lift 1 will travel to level one and remain there

2. The air conditioning and heating within common areas of the building will shut down

3. Fans will activate to supply air to the fire escape stairways that will pressurise that area to inhibit smoke entry

4. Extractor vents in the corridors on every habitable foyer will open and extract any smoke from those areas

5. The magnetic door locks on levels one and three will release

6. Access control swipes will still operate

7. Roller doors will still open and close while there is power

1. Do not attempt to use the lifts to exit the building

2. There are two fire escapes accessible from either side of each foyer

3. The fire escape doors are indicated with surface mounted signs on the foyer ceilings and a door notice

4. In the event of a power failure, exit signs and emergency lighting will operate

5. Exit the building using the fire escape stairway. The door will require a little more effort to open because of pressurisation of the stairway

6. Residents who are not physically able to leave the building should remain in the stairwell on their level. Advise the concierge or fire department that you are there so that assistance can be sent

7. Do not keep the door to the fire escape stairway open longer than necessary to prevent pressure drop in the stairwell

8. The fire escape stairways are fitted with emergency lights that will operate on battery for at least one hour in the event of power failure

9. Keep calm while exiting and be prepared to assist others who may not be physically agile

10. Exit the stairway on level two and go to the assembly point

11. Report to the concierge or fire warden at the assembly point

Fire Department
There is an external fire panel in Northcroft St between the main entrance and the roller door. The fire department will arrive at that point to view the graphic showing the fire alarm activation area.
They will connect the town water supply to the building fire hydrant system via a pump on the fire appliance. Water will be pumped into the building system to enable fire fighting using hoses. The sprinkler system will activate automatically at the area where heat is detected from the fire.
Only re-enter the building once the all clear is given by the fire department


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