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Welcome to The Sentinel Apartments 

We would like to take this opportunity to extend to you a very warm welcome and provide some information outlining how the Sentinel operates to ensure living here will be a relaxing and enjoyable experience.


The Sentinel Apartment Complex consists of 117 residential apartments and 6 commercial business units. There is a voluntary Body Corporate Committee, elected annually by (and from) Sentinel apartment owners at the Annual General Meeting, which is responsible to oversee the operational and financial management of the complex.

To ensure the Sentinel operates smoothly on a day to day basis, the Body Corporate Committee contracts Centurion Management Services, to provide the professional financial management and administration, a residential building manager for maintenance of common areas, a property rentals manager, and a concierge service.

1. Body Corporate Committee for 2015/2016

2. Centurion Management Services Body Corporate secretary

Angela Storr angela.storr@centurion.co.nz, (09) 476 8663

Angela is from Centurion Management services who is responsible for the administration and day to day finances under the direction of the Body Corporate Committee.

3. Residential Managers:

Warren Doel is the Building Manager, and Christine King the Property Rental Manager.  They are available Monday to Friday between the hours 8am and 5pm, and are only on call outside these hours for emergency building issues.  Contact details are:

Warren Doel management@thesentinel.co.nz  –  ph 021 915102

Christine King  admin@sentinelmanagement.nz  ph 021 417744

4. Concierge service:

Stewart Jay is the Head Concierge, ably assisted by his team.

The concierge front desk focuses on ensuring residents’ security, is an invaluable source of information and provides a wide range of services including a meet and greets facility.

Hours of Operation:

Monday – Thursday: 7am – 11pm
Friday:     7am until Sunday 11pm continuously
Public Holidays: 8am – 5pm

Ph: (+649) 489 3843
Mobile: (+6421)265 8324
Email:   headconcierge@thesentinel.co.nz

General Information

1. Fire evacuation, Smoke alarms and Fire doors:

Fire Alarm:

If the Fire Alarm is ringing (not the smoke alarm)

  • The senior person in each Apartment is the fire warden for that Apartment and must ensure everyone leaves immediately and proceeds to the assembly point.
  • As you vacate, please knock on the doors of your neighbours.
  • Do not use the lifts, only use the fire escapes.
  • The lifts are programed to go to the level 2 direct without stopping.
  • The meeting point is located next to BNZ Car Park immediately outside the main entrance.
  • The Fire Warden from each Apartment is to let the Concierge or Building Manager know that all persons are evacuated from their Apartment.
  • Remain at the Fire Assembly point until the all clear has been given.
  • If you cannot leave your apartment then please ring the Fire Service on (09) 486 7948 and advise them of your Apartment number.
  • Always leave your Apartment immediately the fire alarm rings. Failure to do so can incur significant penalties.
  • Elderly or Disabled persons should make their way to the fire escapes and if unable to descend the stairs then they should remain within the fire escape on their floor.

The Concierge keeps a record of those unable to descend the fire escape which is handed to the Fire Brigade who will assist with descent.

Smoke alarm:

Your Smoke Alarm in your apartment is a sensitive device and should not be covered or obstructed in any way. The use of fly spray can activate the alarm.

Please use the extractor fan at all times when cooking.  Open the ranch slider if smoke results from cooking.

In the event of your smoke alarm activating then the following must be done.

  • If caused by fire then evacuate immediately.
  • If caused by cooking then turn extractor fan on fully, open door to balcony. DO NOT open the door to the lobby area, as this could activate the buildings fire alarm.

Please call the Concierge desk (09) 489 3843 or 021 265 8324 to advise when it is a cooking related alarm so the alarm can be deactivated.

Fire door:

As your apartment front door is a fire door, please ensure it remains closed at all times.

If this door is open when your smoke alarm has been activated, the main building fire alarm will be triggered and you may be responsible for the resulting fire department call out fee.

2. Guest access.

Located outside the main entry to the Sentinel foyer is an Intercom panel, into which the Concierge can input your Landline phone number.

Once your Landline number has been put in the system, visitors will be able to either

  • enter your Apartment number or
  • Search for your name

Your Landline will then ring. Once you have spoken to them you then press the lift release button in your apartment. This is usually located near your Front door. Either with the word PRESS on it or a circle within a circle.

Your visitors can then enter the building and enter the first available lift. Once in the lift they need to press your floor number and then they will be on their way to you.  This button will only give access from level 2 to your level and does not allow access to and from other levels.

For those of you only with Mobile Phones, your visitors will have to either call or TXT you once at The Sentinel. Then all you do is press the lift release button as above.

The Concierge on duty will gladly help out any new visitors by showing them how the system works; however cannot make calls to Mobile phones.

You may of course leave a swipe card and a name of the visitor with the Concierge to pass on to your arriving guest.

3. Lift Booking:

When moving furniture into or out of your apartment please inform the Concierge ahead of time, so Lift 1 can be prepared for you to use between 9am – 5pm. You will need to fill out a form and pay a $100 bond fee which will be refunded providing there is no damage to the lift or common wall areas.

In the event of significant damage you will be responsible for the costs.

4. Noise:

Close apartment living means that loud noise is more noticeable. Please respect your fellow residents and control your noise level (and that of your guests) within your apartment and the common areas. Particular caution is required in apartments where the original carpet flooring has been replaced by wood, as foot steps are no longer masked, and when playing music on stereos, as taste and tolerance of noise level may differ.

Of note: Permission is required from the Sentinel Body Corporate Committee prior to changing the original flooring due to this noise transference issue.

In the event of excessive noise, please contact the Concierge.

They have a specific noise protocol to deal with the situation. You will be asked to complete a noise complaint form to document the incident as default notices and fines may be issued for repeat noise offenders.

For noise coming from outside the Sentinel Apartment Building you may also choose to contact the North Shore Noise Control Officer directly (09) 4868600 but please still complete a noise complaint form with the Concierge.

5. Parking, Bicycles & Storage lockers

Sentinel Management and Body Corporate are not responsible for any car or bicycle parked in the car park.

As a courtesy to other residents, it is important to ensure that you park in your designated car park; offending cars may be towed away.

The retail car park is strictly for visitors to the retail shops and restaurants.  These can be used outside business hours for visitor parking.

Please check your car for oil leaks and clean any spills as soon as possible.

Please be careful not to allow non-residents to follow you into the security car parks and promptly report any suspicious persons or vehicles to the Concierge.

Please do not store items in your car park or above your locker as they are a potential fire risk.

Bike racks have been installed on level 3 as no bikes are allowed in apartments, lifts or to come through the main foyer.

6. Pets

While most New Zealanders love pets, apartment living is often not suitable for most pets and thus cats are not permitted to reside in the Sentinel.

For all other pets, the Body Corporate Committee must be firstly advised and approve to ensure health and safety regulations are not breached. Where approval is granted, the pet owner must ensure their pet does not create a nuisance, otherwise approval may be revoked.

7. Recreational facilities

To ensure all residents can enjoy a peaceful nights sleep the operating hours for the level 4 podium recreational facilities are 6am (7am Sundays) – 10pm.

This area is for all residents to enjoy so a high standard of behaviour is expected, children are to be supervised at all times and this is a no smoking area. For health & safety reasons food, glassware and the consumption of alcohol is not permitted in the gymnasium or within the pool fenced area.

All guests using the recreational facilities must be accompanied by a resident.

BBQ & Gardens area:

The outdoor BBQ area has a booking system where by a $30 bond fee is paid at the time of booking with the Concierge.

After you have used the facility please wash the BBQ with water, spray with oven cleaner and wipe with paper towels. The bond will be refunded once the Concierge is satisfied the BBQ has been cleaned properly.


There is an excellent range of cardiovascular equipment and free weights. For health and safety reasons children under the age of 15 are not permitted to use the gymnasium equipment at any time. Standard gymnasium etiquette is essential, all gym users must wear suitable foot wear and exercise clothing, use a towel and equipment should be cleaned with the antiseptic wipes provided then returned to the original position after use. The television volume needs to be kept at a reasonable level as there are occupied apartments beside the gymnasium room, and the air conditioning is not to be used if the external doors are open.

Sauna & Shower:

For health and safety reasons please take your own towel to sit on whilst enjoying the sauna, and ensure water is not splashed around the floors in either area as they become slippery trip hazards.

The showers are available to residents using the swimming pool and gymnasium facilities and are not intended as an alternative facility to those in your apartment.

There is a 5 minute restriction on showers on the Podium Level – 4th Floor

Swimming Pool & Spa:

Children under the age of 15yr may use the swimming pool and spa providing they are supervised at all times by an adult. Infants who are not toilet trained or still wearing nappies must wear waterproof pull-ups.

When using the spa please carefully remove the cover before use and replace after use to ensure the pool remains hot for the next party to use. Please refrain from jumping on the spa pool cover.

Please report any maintenance issues noticed to the Concierge.

8. Repairs & Maintenance:

Should you experience problems in your apartment the Concierge has a list of current trades people that have done regular work at the Sentinel and are happy to contact them on your behalf to resolve the issue. To assist other residents, Concierge would appreciate feedback (positive or negative) on any trades people that perform repairs or maintenance in your apartment in relation to cost, workmanship, availability and punctuality. This will assist in ensuring good service at a competitive price.

Our aim is to ensure that the facilities, landscape, buildings and common areas are kept to a high standard. To facilitate this, it is important that residents report accidental or deliberate damage, maintenance or other common area issues to the Concierge so it can be resolved promptly.

9. Breach of Body Corporate Rules:

Failure to respect the Body Corporate rules may incur incremental financial penalties.

10. Retail Shops:

Around the perimeter of the Sentinel Building there are several options for dining including: Aroma Cafe (coffee and snack food), Mamak Restaurant (Malaysian food), Ramen Lab (Japanese restaurant). Nam Nam (Vietnamese restaurant).  There are dry cleaners on Northcroft Street and Huron Street and The Takapuna Dairy and Green Grocer are on Huron Street.

11. Rubbish Disposal and Recycling:

Rubbish chutes for general household rubbish are located on each floor. Please ensure all rubbish sent down the chute is securely tied in a bag and is not breakable. Glass particularly can shatter into dangerous chards when exiting into the rubbish bins below.

There is a recycling bin for glass, plastic, wood, paper and small cardboard boxes beside each chute and a large yellow recycle bin in level 1 retail car park for large boxes.  The bins are for household rubbish only and tradesmen are responsible for the removal of all their demolition material from site.

Please do not leave larger unwanted items such as TV’s or beds in common area, it is your responsibility to dispose of them appropriately.

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