The BWOF is a requirement for all buildings of a certain size and ours is issued in February of each year. There are several categories that are examined and inspections made to ensure compliance. The examinations are conducted by Independent Qualified Persons (IQP’s) who submit their report of compliance.

We contract a company to manage this process and they collect the reports and submit these to the Auckland City Council. The council then issues the BWOF, which you will see displayed in the entry foyer.

The BWOF examinations begin late October or early November so there will be a succession of IQP’s through the building. The longest testing is for the fire systems and the main contractor will take at least 3 days for this. At the same time, they will have other contractors examining specialist equipment associated with the fire system. Some of these tests involve entering apartments and testing smoke detectors and inspecting sprinkler heads.

We always give notice when these inspections are to be made that will impact residents but we cannot always oblige with visits that suit individual requirements. You may also witness lights in common areas running on low levels as emergency lights are tested. Frequently the air conditioning may also run at low levels and fire door magnetic locks may release. These are normal features of the testing.

The IQP’s are all issued with lift passes with visitor lanyards to aid in identification by residents. Some testing is not obvious, but persons associated may be seen moving around the building.

If you have any concerns, please contact the concierge or the building manager.


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