Air Conditioning

Each apartment has its own air conditioning units which supply heating and cooling to the apartment. There is a minimum of two per apartment with larger apartments having three. These units, known as hydronic units, have an individual controller and provide air flow from elongated grills in the ceiling above the windows. Return air to the circulating motors is via a ceiling grill.

Air temperature is controlled by selecting the temperature required on the thermostat and the hydronic unit will deliver hot or cold air to that requirement. On reaching the selected temperature, the unit will continue to circulate the air in the room until the thermostat is activated again.

Settings on the controller show whether the hydronic unit is delivering hot or cold air. Fan speed can be selected but these units work most efficiently on a the lowest setting.

Hot air is supplied by an element contained in each unit and cold air is supplied by the building cooling tower. The cooling system is housed in the upper machine rooms of the building and cooled water is circulated throughout the building by a system of pipes. Each hydronic unit is connected to this system.

The air delivered by the hydronic units is passed through a filter on the machine. It is recommended that these are washed and disinfected every 3 months. Failure to clean these filters requires more power from the hydronic unit to reach the selected temperature and places a load on the cooling tower during the summer months.

The Body Corporate have consented to inspect the hydronic units in each apartment and clean the filters. This has been done to save energy used by the cooling tower. The cost of any further repairs required will be at the cost of the apartment owner. It is likely that the cleaning of these filters will be an annual event.

The operation and maintenance of the hydronic units is the responsibility of the apartment owner and the contractor who maintains the Body Corp equipment, Chillex, will undertake repairs for owners.


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